Ummm… brownies

Do you know what the coolest thing is about no pudge brownies?  And yes I mean besides the fact that they are fat free, that they are chewy and delicious, and that the way I cut them they have only 82.5 calories.  You can lick the bowl clean because no eggs are used!  Isn’t that beautiful.  They also freeze very well.  This means that I can keep two out for myself to eat, freeze the rest, and pull them out as needed so that I don’t eat all 1320 calories in one sitting/day.  W00t!
In other news I have some type of stomach bug that is making me die.  I won’t get into particulars, but I’m on a clear liquid diet right now with plenty of apple cider vinegar cocktails mixed in.  Yuck.   I can’t wait until this is gone.

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