Update on the dryer saga

So my ruggedly handsome, uber-studly husband went down in the basement with some very manly tools (a drill and some screw drivers) and removed the back of the dryer.  He determined rather swiftly that nothing had become disconnected and put everything back together, taking care to make sure it was all tight.  We tested and got nothing.  No light, and no power to the dryer.  So we unplugged it, plugged back in and saw some light, then it went out again.  Chris then pulled the plug out completely and found that one of the prongs had become bent inward at too much of an angle (likely when it was unplugged to be moved the other day the plug fell on the floor).  He bent that old prong back into place, plugged it in, and everything works grandly.  We have a working dryer for $0.00 and 10 minutes worth of effort.  W00t!

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