We went.  We saw her.  We can now verify that she is definitely a beautiful baby girl.  And with some serious muscles on her.  She is a mere one week old and can wiggle her arms free of a tightly wrapped blanket, kick with the power of two legs (since they’re wrapped together), and whip her head a fair distance (and I mean whip, not flop).
And Shaun and Sue are like old pros with her.  None of that new-parent nervousness that you usually see.  They know what’s going on.  They have routines worked out.
Sue looks fantastic.  She’s up and about.
It’s entirely likely that 200 pictures were taken on Saturday alone.  Between me, Sarah, Gram, Rie and Shaun, oh yeah.
So for the cake that I am bringing to class tonight I believe that I’ve already sunk at least 3 hours into its creation.  Between mixing batter, baking, making icing, torting and filling and icing the cake, making fondant from scratch, coloring said fondant, covering the drum, covering the cake, rolling out gumpaste, cutting it into shapes, tooling said shapes, and assembling flowers.  and I didn’t even finish the flowers.  I have to complete them in class tonight and then finish the rest of the stuff for decorating this cake.  It will look like a pale green hat with a white ribbon, covered in daisies (6 large, 6 medium, and 40 small to be exact).  It’s very pretty, just a lot of work.
Since Michael’s wasn’t offering the next Wilton class that I need to take I checked at AC Moore yesterday.  They have the class 2 starting next week, so I signed up.  It’s even closer to my home than Michael’s is.  I hope that the instructor is cool.  I don’t love the idea of going to the mall by myself at night, but I’ll get over it.
Ooh, tomorrow is Sarah’s birthday….

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  1. We may feel a little more comfortable than most new parents, but we suffer from the same frustration and annoyance as anybody. Fussy babies at midnight that cannot seem to be consoled really take their toll on your patience. Babies that seem to fall asleep whenever fed (which requires patience and diligence to keep them awake), but are wide awake after when you want to sleep is frustrating.
    Thankfully, there are two of us. Neither of us has enough energy or patience to do it wholly on our own. We end up helping and supporting each other throughout the day and night. I feel bad for anybody trying to raise a baby on their own or anybody that has a useless spouse.
    We watched Supernanny last night and the show was about three kids that were getting out of control. Mom stays at home and dad works. Mom does ALL of the work and dad doesn’t help much at all. Mom is ready to lose her mind, represses all of her emotions and is losing a battle with a kid that has ADHD. Dad works then comes home and “unwinds” all by himself for at least an hour. Eats dinner and then retreats yet again. Very selfish and it is ruining their family. Very sad.
    Okay, time to keep the little girl awake. It’s feeding time.

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