Update on the plumber

So the plumber came and the plumber has gone. He gave me a quote of $1595 and told me that he’d be back on Tuesday to do the job. I told him no thanks. He didn’t understand why so I explained that I’d been very specific on the phone when I said that I needed the work done today. He said “Well, who you gonna get to do the work today?” and I said “ME.”  I paid him $50 for the service call and sent him on his way.
What I have left out is that our neighbor Johnny came in and took a look this morning after I had called the plumber. He had gone through this same issue with his house two years ago. He bought a book and did the work himself. He offered to come over and help us and bring his tools too. We’re taking him up on that.
Sarah and Ger are here helping with lots of stuff like removing old doors and hanging new ones.  They also brought over a lovely lunch of grilled chicken salad and fruit smoothies.  Once Chris gets home from his Mom’s the boys will run out for supplies and the plumbing work will begin. Crossing our fingers that all goes smoothly.
Have I mentioned lately how grateful we are for having wonderful family and friends?

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