We’re home

Yes, it’s 9:28p.m., and yes, the zoo did close at 5:00 and that is when we left NY.  I’ll post all about our day tomorrow.  Right now I’ve got to go sleep off my dinner of darvocet and warm Dr. Pepper (mmm, tasty and nutritious).
Right now I have nothing nice to say about any of the following: crappy traffic, tantruming children,  poor time planning, my bad choice to not purchase a backpack prior to today’s trip, my last-minute executive decision to not make our lunch and pack it and bring it with us, my truck (which did get us home in one piece, although not at all without worry), the state of CT’s highway paving projects, or migraines that wrap around your head like a rubber band.
This is not to say that we had a bad day, because we didn’t.  It was a wonderful day at the zoo.  Just getting there and getting home sucked.   Now time for a dessert of Imitrex and my bed.

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