What a day

So I left work on time and got to my workshop.  The room was quite full because they allow each participant to bring one guest with them.  Myself and one other woman (out of 15 participants) were the only ones who did not bring anyone.  So we are all introduced, the book is handed out as is an accompanying cd and the workshop is in progress.  After about 5 minutes I realize that the instructor is driving me insane on a number of levels.  I won’t go into detail as it could be found offensive to some and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  It wasn’t his fault, maybe I’m just a little too neurotic.  Anyway I had gotten what I went there for and that was the book, the cd was an added plus.  At the half-way point we took a break and I informed the instructor that I was leaving and would not be coming back.  I didn’t want him holding up the class waiting for me to return from break.  I told him that I didn’t feel well, and that’s when he informed me that they’ve had that happen before (I simply can’t imagine why) and that I’m welcome to come back at the next workshop for free.  I told him that I’d look over the materials and if I had questions I’d be back.  Like hell.
So I didn’t want to waste the rest of the afternoon.  I went home to find my kitchen scale had been delivered.  I think that this will be very useful in accurately measuring baking ingredients and can’t wait to use it.  I had a quick snack and made up the menu for the week, and wrote out a grocery list.  I headed out towards Whole Foods.  The thing is that WF is in a strip mall with several other businesses.  Of course I have to drive by a shoe store in order to get to the WF parking area so I thought, why not stop?  They were having a buy one get one half off sale (whoopty-doo).  The shoes this year really suck.  I was not compelled to buy any.  Then I happened to peruse through the clearance section before leaving.  I very likely just bought two pair of last year’s leftovers and I care not.  They were on clearance for $10 and $15 so with the half off of the cheaper pair I walked out with two pair of feminine, spring shoes for $20.
So I’m on my way to WF parking area and I remember that just beyond that there is a Marshalls.  Normally not any big deal for me but I figure that since my sister-in-law and niece both have birthdays this week I could check to see if they have anything good there for them.  While I’m at it I really should look for some dressy spring work pants as the ones that I bought last year were very casual.  I piddled away through dresses (because, of course, I have two wedding coming up on the next 6 months) and shoes, and housewares, and active wear, and dress clothes.  I walked out (after Chris called to see where the heck I was and what was taking so long) with 4 pair of spring dress pants, 4 shirts, a jar of mustard, some fresh nutmeg, organic coffee, a nike ball cap for myself, 5 pair of socks, and a pair of kitchen sheers.  Ayup, it was one of those no self-control days.  Baaaad.
Next I went grocery shopping.  Finally.  I got everything on my list plus a couple of additions.  I have to run to Stop & Shop for about 5 items tomorrow.  Not bad.  I think that we have a great menu for the week, plenty of snacks, plus the stuff for Ger‘s bday cake and boozed challah french toast bake for Sunday.  All in all a productive day.  I came home and really didn’t feel like cooking what was on the menu for tonight (it was already after 7:00).  So Chris had a steak-ums sandwich with three pounds of Miracle Whip (and yes, I had to turn my back while he applied it) on it and I had a homemade taco (even though I had a frozen burrito for lunch) with some nachos and a beer.  Pretty good, if you ask me.  I am soooo ready for bed.

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