What a week

So on Sunday Chris and I were over at Bob’s for dinner. Upon leaving we noticed that the inspection sticker on my truck had expired at the end of March. What’s aggravating about that is that it’s been in the shop numerous times over the last few weeks and nobody ever noticed that.
So on Monday morning I headed over to a dealership very near to my home to have the inspection done. I handed over the keys and was told it would be a few minutes. About 20 minutes later they said “OK miss Ryder your truck is ready. You can pay over here” and I did. Once I was back out in the lot I was looking around questioningly as I had no idea where my truck was parked and a technician happened to be right there and asked if I was looking for the Blazer. I answered “yes” and he asked if I understood what needed to be done. I was like “what do you mean?” and he said “I had to fail your truck but they explained what needs to be done, right?”. Of course I was like “No. They didn’t even tell me that it had failed. Just took my payment and sent me on my way.” Personally I think that’s kind of shitty, but whatever.
So yesterday my truck had an appointment at its normal shop and we fixed everything on the list. Simple stuff really, but necessary (water in one headlamp, loose e-brake, loose sway bar arm link). So my plan was to go straight back for a re-inspection this morning. Wrong.
I got home from the gym at 6:40 and heard the tell-tale hissing of a flat tire. There is a decent size chunk of thick sheet metal wedged very deeply into my tire. Time to break out the manual to figure out how to get the spare down that’s mounted under my truck and change the tire. The directions suck and even the jack is mounted to the truck. On second thought I call AAA. I pay full price for premium membership and they haven’t heard from me for almost two years (except when I had to tow the truck to the shop about two weeks ago when the fuel pump went). So now I’m waiting for someone to come and change my tire. I really don’t care if that is a very girlie thing to do.
This is how bad I suck this week. On Wednesday Bob & Tammy and the kids had come over for dinner and Chris’ sister Sue called to remind us about her Party Lite party going on Thursday night at 7:00. I had said that I’d be there, and Tammy was coming up as well to drop off our orders from her party last month. So at 8:00 last night my phone rings and my sister-in-law is like “where the hell are you?” and I seriously had no idea why she was asking me that. I completely forgot her party even though I was talking about it not 12 hours before. I blame it on the computer. I had failed to enter the appointment in either my Outlook or my Google calendar thus got no reminder during the day thus forgot. Sometimes I just suck at remembering.
In other news I will likely not be able to walk very well tomorrow. Today I did the full legs, back and abs workout that the trainer gave me and my abs are starting to get sore as are the muscles under my ass cheeks. By tomorrow that ought to be a serious amount of hurt.
So once I have my flat tire changed, and Costco is open for business for the day, I’ll run out and buy two new tires for the back of the truck and have my right rear swapped out to be my new spare. Then my lunch hour today was already spoken for as I have a waxing appointment at the salon. Tonight we mud. Chris has a cold that snuck up on him yesterday, but I can mud even if he can’t. Thank goodness it’s Friday because I don’t think that I could take much more of this crazy week.
Check this out if you’ve ever worked in a kitchen.
P.S. No I was not beat up or in an accident before taking the picture below of my new haircut.  I have two problems 1) I can’t take a pic of myself to save my life and 2) pics of me generally are not flattering no matter what.   Such is life.  I do love my new do though.

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