So I woke up at 6:00 this morning (I can actually say that is sleeping in for me).  I grabbed the sugar cookie dough out of the fridge that I’ve been storing for about a week, grabbed the 101 piece cookie cutter set and got to work.  Mitchell was coming over today to visit and was expecting his dinosaur cookies to be ready (as promised).   I made two kinds of dinosaurs, fire engines, trains, dump trucks, cars, airplanes, bunny rabbits, dogs, dog bones, hands feet, and miniatures of cows, pigs, sheep, ducks, turkeys and bunnies.  I baked them all off then Mom called for a grocery shopping date at Whole Foods.  Once there we decided on a quick trip to the Amherst plant sale on the town green.  It was pretty chilly and wet, but nice to see all of the plants, vegetable and baked goods for sale.  I bought some organic asparagus and Mom got a cheese and herb focaccia.
When we got back to my house I put on a pot of vanilla nut coffee and played some Young Dubliners and we started gabbing.  Sue and Mitchell showed up much earlier than expected and I had only just finished mixing the icing for the cookies.  Mitchell ended up picking out which colors I’d make and assisted in the supervision of my decorating.  I decorated all of the cookies, except the miniatures, for him to take home.  He ate all of the miniatures before he left.  The ladies ate snacks and gabbed and Mitchell played some drums, then Mom left as did Sue and Mitchell shortly thereafter.
Next Chris and I rolled out to Costco for several supplies and on to Town & Country for various beers to try and to stock up on wines for the summer.  When we got home put everything away and I finally showered.  After that it was time to try my hand at making caramel.  I don’t think it came out too bad and it looks nice drizzled over the applesauce cheesecake with broken walnut bits.
Now on to begin our Saturday evening….

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  1. mmmmmmmmm, caaaarmel (a la homer simpson)

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