A cold and rainy Saturday

I feel a bit like Eyore saying that but that’s the kind of day it is. There’ll be no yard work accomplished today. I’m glad that I got most of the bulbs in last weekend. I only have garlic left to plant. The farmer’s market is likely to be dead this morning as many folks just won’t roll out of bed to go pick out fresh veggies in the pouring rain. Mom and I will though, we’re troopers.
I believe it will be a good day to finally make that pea soup that I had bought the ingredients for a couple of weeks back. And it’s looking a good candidate for a corned beef and cabbage dinner too. Maybe I’ll make some Irish soda bread a little later. Right now I’m quite starving so it’s time to bumble my way down the stairs in that first thing in the morning kind of way and find some breakfast.
Maybe today will be a good day for getting frisky…

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