And so that it’s not all about food….

When I went to downtown last week with friends we got bored in the bars which were terribly warm and so we started walking.  We got over to the Mardi Gras and there was a girl dancing atop a lifeguard chair in the parking lot.  That caught our attention.  Upon further inspection we discovered that there was a mini fair set up in the lot, inclusive of a mechanical bull.  He was set up inside of an inflatable ring (similar to a bounce house).  I had to try a ride.
Upon inquiry I learned that the ride was free, all I had to do was remove my shoes.  Heck yes!
Jess’ first time on the mechanical bull
I made it 27 seconds.  This video didn’t begin until more than half way through my ride.  It was a blast though.  Something to try at least once.

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