Busy bees

This is going to be a very busy weekend.  It started last night.  After work we chilled for about half an hour before trekking out to Costco for a few things that we absolutely needed. 
That was followed by a run to Home Depot to grab a storage bin for xmas decor and some more contractor plastic to cover the windows with for the remainder of the winter.  We also had to price out snow blowers.  The one that we got for free last winter is slowly dropping a piece off with each storm that we then have to figure out how to reattach, plus it’s missing a few of the nicer things in life that would be very helpful (like brakes for stearing and a headlight for nighttime use).  The prices aren’t all that bad so now we just have to figure out a mode of transport to get it back here and then we’ll make the purchase.
Next up was the mall to price out those stackable tool storage chests.  We’re going to attemp to organize our tool collection (goodness knows that it’s necessary) and to move that stuff all down to the basement where it belongs (since we don’t have a garage).  Of course we both loved the biggest, shiniest, most expensive one, and we won’t be affording that anytime soon.  We’ll settle for a much cheaper one in the near future (since they’re on sale again right now).
After that we stopped in at Pottery Barn who happened to have a catalog delivered to our house just minutes before we left.  I chanced to thumb through it while waiting for Chris to get ready and saw a grown-up desk that I liked very much for my office.  In addition to being a very nice desk, it has a two-drawer file cabinet which I’ve been looking for.  I have a milk crate full of paperwork, and then two or three piles on the floor and that all needs organization, and quickly, before I lose what’s left of my mind.  I simply cannot wait to get that cockpit desk out of this house and the new one in.  We pick that up this morning.
All of this organization is an effort to get our house cleaned up so that we can puppy-proof it.  We’ve got our feelers out to a couple of breeders.  I think we’re going to take the plunge soon.  We have a few more repairs to complete (electrical and sheetrocking) first, and we need to sand and stain and seal our kitchen trim.  Then we’ll start purchasing the stuff, like a crate, and some gates, some toys, pick out a vet, etc.
So tonight is a post-holiday party.  Tomorrow is a birthday party for our nephew (and football, I’m sure).  Add in the normal cooking and cleaning and laundry, then the chores of weather-proofing and cleaning out my office, and we’re fully booked.  I guess I’m really appreciating all of that down-time that I got last weekend 😉


  1. hey, what about that guy with the new truck, i bet that snow blower would fit in there . . . hmmm.

  2. why go to a breeder when there are loads of puppies at shelters?

  3. we’re gonna attempt the blazer first. with the glass gate open it just might work. if not, we’ll put our feelers out for bigger/more open trucks. thanks 😉

  4. dude i second zee regarding saving a puppy from a shelter. but in a less morally superior way – but in a “it can be way cheaper” way.

  5. yeah, i think that we’ll look there too. we’re just being really particular because there is a specific type of dog that will pair well with our home size and lifestyle. we’ll look into rescue too, if we qualify. we don’t have to have a puppy, but we do have to have a pug.

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