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So my pizza crust from last week came out crappy.  I know now that I used too much flour.  I was aggravated, but we ate it.  I had also made it whole wheat and it was a little too much like cardboard for my tastes.  I made a new batch with the same recipe last night, for tonight’s dinner, and I already know that it came out much better.  Knowing that I had to be in Waltham today for work, and can’t leave until at least 4:30 to start the hour and a half trek back home prompted me to make my dough last night (as it needs to rise for an hour).
The lemon scones weren’t all that great.  I liked them, some folks didn’t.  I think that they needed to be thicker, and smaller.  The lemon flavor was there though.
The concoction that I made with the dark chocolate cake and pudding with Baileys was really good.  I mean, lick the dish good.  It was enjoyed by all, only a little too rich for Chris.
This Saturday I’ll be a baking fool.  I’m finishing off the last of my homemade bread so I’ll have to make two new loaves of that.  Then I found a recipe for a lovely looking rosemary Italian bread that I have to try.  I also will be trying out a new scratch recipe for a carrot cake that looks very promising.  Then there’s the cream cheese frosting to top it with, of course.  I’m going to attempt a new decoration for Ger’s bday cake too.  Also will need to make a peanut butter banana bread with chocolate chips, just because I love it and the bananas are almost perfect.  Then there’s the brunch item, yet to be determined, for Sunday.  Maybe some form of boozed challah french toast bake or something.  Note to self to check with Sarita.
On Saturday we need to get out and order our cabinets for the kitchen remodel.  We’ll be lucky if we can get them in time.  Plus we have a salon appointment at 9:00a.m.  Sunday we will have brunch for Ger’s bday, then head over to Bob’s for Katy’s bday party immediately following.  It’s gonna be a busy weekend.
In other news, we finally got tickets to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.  Chris is a very happen person about that.  He’s a huge fan, you see, and has never been to a game.  So we’re taking a day out of our remodel time and going to the city for a day.


  1. yay!! what date did you get tickets for the red sox?
    boozed challah french toast bake sounds divine! but seriously, you’re already making a cake. you really don’t need to make anything else. but if you really want to, you’re welcome to bring anything. i’m planning on doing quiches, bacon, croissants, melon, grapes and roasted taters (and eggs to order if anybody wants em). heather mentioned that she may bake some sort of fruity coffee cake, but i don’t think that’s set in stone.

  2. should I bring my griddle? or do you have one? do you need stuff at costco? ’cause I was gonna go on my way home tonight.

  3. If the pizza dough doesn’t come out good let me know. The guy at work eats whole wheat pizza often. I could ask him for his recipe.

  4. i’m all set with costco, i went already and picked up the stuff i needed actually. i don’t think we’ll need the griddle, cuz i do have one, but if you want to bring it just in case that would be cool. thanks!

  5. I’m going to costco too!!!!
    i just wanted to get in on the whole costco thing.
    See you all Sunday.

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