Enough about food, back to the kitchen remodel

So we got a price on the materials for a vinyl tile floor.  Even the owner of the company told us that the vinyl tile product is crap.  I really had my heart set on that black and white checkered diner-style floor, however if the materials are no good, then it’s not meant to be. 
On to plan B we called in a hardwood floor restoration specialist.  We chose someone local, of course.  He took a look and determined that we do have enough floor to strip it down and re-finish it.  He gave us a price that we liked.  I’m almost completely over the disappointment already about the vinyl and getting excited about using the original materials in the house.  I believe that the re-finished floor will have lots of character.  And it will not be the same color or design as the living and dining rooms which is great because it will set the kitchen apart and I like that.
Now I just have to find out when we can get the job scheduled for, and whether we should paint the ceiling and walls before he works his magic, or after.  It’s coming together a little at a time….

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  1. Using existing materials is always cool. Neither Sue nor I ever lived in a house with hard wood floors, but we’ve come to enjoy them in our house. Area rugs do help to add warmth to rooms. I’d love to rip out the carpeting, but I’m sure the floor underneath is a mess.

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