It’s Saturday

I woke up at 4-something and was able to go back to sleep until almost 5:30 this morning.  Then I got up and dressed.  I put away the dishes and put on some coffee.  I went out back to check on the vegetables in the garden and emptied the kitchen scraps into the compost.  Drank some of said coffee, and posted some pics from 4th of July weekend parties.  Now I’m sitting around waiting for my sister to get here so that we can travel to the Farmer’s Market and grocery store, then go to the gym and torture ourselves with the new workout from Dad.
This afternoon we have a graduation party for Sammie-cakes.  She’s done with high school and getting ready for college now.  It’s amazing to think that we met her over 10 years ago and she was such a little girl.   She really is all grown up….
So for the party I made some cookies.  Since I know that Sam likes white chocolate I made some salted oatmeal white chocolate chunk cookies.  I tasted a bite last night and they are pretty good.  Although if I make them again I think that I will toy with cutting the sugar a bit.  I’m also supposed to bring an appetizer so I’m going to make a flatbread topped with fig preserves, fresh rosemary and feta cheese, all baked together then cooled to room temp for serving.  Should be a nice mix of sweet and savory.
Accomplishments for this week include mounting our air conditioner in the window.  We never could have done it had we not recently installed a window with Uncle Dave and picked up as much more common sense as we did this last year (much of it from him explaining stuff to us as he did it).  So it’s not environmentally friendly, nor is it very cost-conscious, but it affords us some sleep on these grotesquely humid nights in our 2nd floor bedroom.  I’ll take a comfortable night of sleep over money in the bank any day ;)

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