Getting a little greener

I just placed an order today for my reusable grocery bags.  I’ve been wanting them for a while but hadn’t found any that I liked.  I really wanted something about the same shape and size as the brown paper ones at Whole Foods, just re-usable.  And I wanted something with a feminine flair that was hip and stylish.  I found them here.  The selection is what I’d call fantastic, so much so that I had to make some choices and not order four since I have no need for that many.  I ended up ordering Candy and Mallory (I’ve got a thing for monkeys, and I really like ugly fish and this pattern combines the two).  There were several runners up though, and while I hope that these bags hold up and I get my money’s worth, I also secretly hope that they need replacing so that I have an excuse to buy my other favs.  Such is life.  Must… exercise… self… control….


  1. Those are a bit nicer than the plain green “recycled”, reusable shopping bags they sell at Shop Rite. I thought about getting a couple, but I was in too much of a hurry to look closely. The stores out here credit you $0.03 for each bag that you provide. It isn’t much, but it is something in the long run.

  2. yeah. whole foods credits $0.05 per bag. they ought to though since they get you for a considerably higher margin that your average food store.

  3. I am glad that you are spreading the word that you can be eco-friendly and styling at the same time! It’s a small step we can all make to reduce our share in the waste stream. I was on a mad search about a year ago for a nice looking bag and couldn’t find one, so now I design them and sell them online. They are really cute and unlike a lot of the others mass produced by the big chains, mine are 100% made in the USA. Glad you are doing your bit for the environment– I only wished you’d ordered them from me! Check them out at

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