Sneak preview

At the menu, of course:

Apps cheese and crackers shrimp cocktail goat cheese-edamame dip w/ spiced pepitas mushroom and cabbage gallette

butternut squash soup with roasted red pepper sauce


Dinner turkey mashed potatoes sweet potatoes bread stuffing cornbread dressing with brussels sprouts mashed rutabaga crunchy baked fennel sausage and quinoa stuffed inside roasted pumpkin cranberry pomegranate sauce

canned cranberry sauce uncle dave's rolls turkey dripping gravy


Dessert pumpkin ginger snap tiramisu pear tart w/ pecan crust and honey-pecan whipped cream

pumpkin bread w/ and w/out nuts, cream cheese

chocolate crinkle cookies

spice muffins

pumpkin pie


meyer lemon fresh cranberry scones

chocolate bark

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  1. Wow. That is an impressive menu that would require more ambition than I have. Good luck and hope you can avoid any further fires.

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