Getting better

Today is better than yesterday. Still didn’t sleep well last night. Woke up every time I sniffled or coughed ’cause I was paranoid that the stuff would go down my throat & clog up my chest. So I got up every 30 minutes or so to go in the bathroom and spit it all out (gross, I know). Poor Chris barely got any sleep either because of all this. I think that it paid off though. I’m much less congested today. I actually showered too and that made me feel good. I guess that means I’ll have to face the laundry & dishes that are still there waiting from the weekend. Bummer.
I’m off from work tomorrow morning as is Sarah. We’re going on a road trip to Hartford with Shanna. In the afternoon I have a super-long meeting that goes until 5:00 (ew). Then the weekend begins. I need to shop for my tools for cake decorating class as well as for cake mixes & frosting ingredients that I’ll need over the next few weeks. Maybe I’ll even make a cake & frost it for practice. I have some bananas that are perfect for bread too so I should definitely bake one, maybe Saturday.
Tonight is an easy dinner: kielbasa & pierogi with veg. Chris may even cook. He’ll have beef kielbasa and I’ll have turkey, and he’ll have potato & cheese pierogi and I’ll have cabbage/kapusta. I think we’ll have broccoli with that. Maybe some homemade applesauce too.

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