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Recently a friend let me borrow the book “Twilight” and I just finished reading it.  It was really good.  For a story that takes place in a high school setting, it’s not very teenie-bopper-ish which was my fear in the beginning.  In fact, I had totally avoided the book and the movie because of that.  I’m glad that I read it.  I can’t wait to start book two.
In other news, we were invited to go skiing this weekend up at Blandford but it looks like the weather won’t be cooperative.   Sunday is supposed to get up into the 20s, but there’s also a 70% chance of snow.  WhileI have been wanting to try skiing again now that I’m in better physical shape, I’m really not up from braving the elements.  Pissa….
We got a call yesterday that Chris’ office furniture came in much earlier than was expected, so we can pick it up tonight.  Of course, we didn’t do half of what we should have during the week to prepare.   So we’ll get the stuff home but won’t be able to set it up until Saturday night, at least.
There were all sorts of possible plans for this weekend, but none of them set in stone.  There’s a bike show over at the Big E that I know Chris would love to go to.  And tonight the door price is $10 per person (with coupon) instead of $15, although the event will occur all weekend.   I’d also love to go see Twilight at the movies.  We have free passes too.
So yesterday I was invited over to our next door neighbors’ house to visit with their newborn grandson.  He’s damn cute.  And while I was there, we were invited to accompany them on a cruise to the Bahamas.  It would leave out of Boston so I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to talk my husband into getting on a plane.   It’s for 7 days.  Only problem is that right now the Bahamas sound like the place to be.  In August I’m not so sure I’ll be liking that.  But the idea of going on a real and grown-up vacation is very tempting.  We’ve never been further away from home than Virginia, and that was for our honeymoon.  Hmm.


  1. You can always look at the cruise as a nice way to celebrate your fifth year wedding anniversary (a little bit early).
    I don’t see us ever taking a cruise. I can’t see paying good money just to watch Sue puke into a bag for a week straight. Two hours on a whale watching boat is more than enough torture for both of us.

  2. you know, that’s one of my biggest fears because I get so sea sick on normal boats. most folks that I’ve talked to that are in the same situation say that you don’t get sick on the cruiseliners because there isn’t that rocking motion that throws you off. I guess I can try it once and if it goes horrifically bad then maybe I lose a few unexpected pounds that week instead of gaining…. that’s sick, I know, and TOTALLY a joke. anniversary though, that’s as good a reason as any. thanks!

  3. oh yeah, and the cruise is to Bermuda, not the Bahamas. too many B words in the ocean and I get confused easily….

  4. …you don’t get sick on the cruiseliners because there isn’t that rocking motion…

    …until you happen to be in an area where a storm is going through. Big boats are no match for rough seas. I’ve heard about almost as many horror stories as I’ve heard about wonderful cruises.
    Even if Sue didn’t get sick on boats I think that we both would prefer to fly to a location. The boats offer gambling, drinking and dancing. We don’t do these things. Being adventurous and seeing new places, eating great food and experiencing other cultures is more our speed. It’s not for everybody, but that’s us.
    I would love to go on vacation or visit someplace new this year, but with kids vacations take on a very different tone. With more kids I envision less rest and more work, but getting away may still be nice.

  5. that’s a damn good point. we don’t dance. we really shouldn’t drink. and we don’t gamble. probably a waste of a couple of days to sail there and taking a big risk of me being sick unnecessarily. something to chew on before we make a final decision. thanks!

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