Had I not already run earlier today I would not be getting my miles in at all.  The FedEx delivery person came to the front door, pounding very loudly and yelling “is anyone home” (you see, we don’t have a doorbell).  I was scared half to death, jumped up from my desk to run down the stairs and was not quite as swift as a bunny rabbit.  I caught the last three toes on my right foot on a window fan which was poorly situated on the floor near my desk, tearing some of the flesh in the process.  It is hot right now and mostly numb (thank goodness) but it will be badly bruised within the hour.  Being a clutz really sucks.
And, yes, I have moved the fan from that spot to somewhere a bit safer.


  1. lets see,,, hmmmm
    yep rules to live by…
    1} never run in the house.{even without scissors.}
    2} store all machinery properly.{they bite}
    3} always wear shoes {protect the piggies}
    4}note to self;
    A} buy battery operated doorbell.
    b} read list everyday for a week.
    heh heh heh

  2. fantastic ideas.
    only problem with the battery operated doorbell (and I know because we did have one) is that they act as if they are possessed. what i mean is that they ring even when nobody is anywhere near them. it’s kind of spooky. that’s why we took it down. maybe i’ll try buying a different one.

  3. First off, “Smooth Move”!
    Next, you probably got a lemon or a Home Depot cheapy. Or perhaps your neighbor has the same one and you both get the pleasure of knowing when somebody is there.
    The biggest complaint about battery powered ones is that when the batteries die people pound on a button that does nothing other than frustrate them.

  4. better yet,,, door knocker
    when not in used well use it to beat hell outta the guy who startled ya.
    D. ;}

  5. Just saying hi. I was looking at some old RCN stuff and thought of you. Hope all is good with you.
    Love, Lee

  6. We have a battery, plug in kind of doorbell. We had to replace the batteries in the door bell when we moved in (Sarah helped) but it does work and may be a solution.

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