I just felt like runnin_g

I do believe that my mind finally made itself up this morning.  I will run the St. Patty’s day road race in Holyoke.  That gives me two weeks to get myself in shape.  I’m not gonna kill myself training like I did last year.  That was pointless, especially because I ended up so sick that I couldn’t run at all.  I won’t be running for time (that’s what I was aiming for last year), but for the satisfaction that I can run a 10k and not keel over at the end.
So this week’s grocery run will be to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies, and lean meats only.  Bye-bye to the heavy dishes that I’ve been eating all winter, and the fatty meats.  Crappy snacks will not be around for me to get my mits on either.  Chris’ll pribably want to kill me, but he’ll also be happy with the change of mood that comes with me eating healthier.
Now my only concern will be that it not snow on the 21st.  That one’s out of my control.
Off to begin what will certainly be a crazy day.

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