It’s almost that time of year

Corbin’s birthday is coming up and, since he lives and Maryland and we don’t generally see him for this occasion, we are getting a box ready to ship down to him. We went shopping this past Monday evening to pick out a variety of nifty gifts. We grabbed a cute card with a picture of a decorated bday cake on it (which I will be doctoring up to make it look decorated for him). Last night, after work, I whipped up some chocolate Spritz cookies with lemon filled centers. This flavor combo sounds tricky, but it’s actually very good. I packed up a bunch of them in a decorated Chinese take out container to put in the birthday box. In a few minutes I’ll pack everything up and head out to the post office on my lunch break.

I picked up an excellent cocoa at Whole Foods this past week that I used in these cookies. It was seriously so fabulous that had it not been for the fact that each cookie contains three grams of fat and 50 calories, I would have eaten half of the dough raw and the other half baked! It was “Valrhona cocoa powder“, imported from France. I totally suggest trying it.
Later today I may tackle creating a cheesecake. I’ve only ever made one and it didn’t come out so hot. Since I don’t like to give up on baking any one type of item, I figure I’ll try again. I’m thinking applesauce cheesecake. It has a hint of apple with cinnamon and nutmeg and sounds pretty good. Since I will likely be without a kitchen for a number of weeks I need to get a lot of baking out of my system at once. I also need to bake some bread and Rocky cookies this weekend so that I have stock for the next month or so. I picked up a varied assortment of organic Bob’s Red Mill grains the other night (buckwheat and coconut and quinoa flours, and a multi-grain cereal that I use in baking). I shall incorporate those into my breads and cookies this week.
Our dumpster was delivered this morning. I must say that I’ve had a wonderful experience in dealing with Waste Management from initial contact, through the sale, and on through delivery. Their employees are polite, well-spoken, clean, and courteous. I can’t wait to tear my house apart. It’s both scary and exciting. Scary because there are so many unknowns and so many dependancies of one part of the project on another, etc. Exciting because the end product will be our kitchen with several feet of workable counter space for storing small appliances on as well as things like rolling out cookie dough or setting down hot items just removed from the oven. Life without counter space has not been enjoyable.

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