Mmm rolls….

Fresh out of the oven. My kitchen smells like food porn. If only I could bottle that…. We got a dinner invite for tonight so I baked up some fresh dinner rolls with a small bit of herbes de Provence. I had some left over dough after I had filled the baking stone so I formed those rolls and hid a blackberry inside each one, then rolled the tops in sugar. What a fantastic breakfast roll! I could easily eat every one right now. Self control… I will exercise self control….
I would put up a pic but just found that of my two sets of rechargeable batteries, one needs a charge, and the other is completely dead. I do believe I’ll be picking up two new sets of those today. What a pisser.
But, the sun is out (for now anyway), and the morning is cool, and it’s going to be a lovely Sunday. Happy day to all!

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