Weekend’s over, back to real life

What a crazy week has just passed. On Thursday Chris and I visited with Shanna at St. Francis. She’s recovering from surgery in her private room (which we got lost trying to find because we went to the 8th floor, but in the wrong building). When we left there we got lost trying to get into downtown Hartford for dinner (as it was 8:30 and we hadn’t eaten yet). We had a scenic drive through West Hartford and Avon, and then got into downtown and had a light dinner at City Steam. No problem getting home from there though since I used to work directly next door.
Friday I worked from home so that I would be available for an all day appointment with the furnace repair technician. He came over at about half-past noon. He had me stay in the basement with him so that he could explain everything that he was doing and show me the parts, etc. He was there for about 45 minutes (which will probably cost me $300). I haven’t smelled any nasty stink from the furnace since so I’m hoping that what he did worked.
Saturday morning I bleached the bathroom and everything in it. I killed 99% of those nasty little sick germs that have been breeding for weeks (since I was sick). It has never felt so good to clean a bathroom! Now everything smells fresh and looks sparkly.
Chris and I got rid of some more stuff that we didn’t need to keep. We put a large box of VHS tapes out on the curb and someone took it within an hour. We also put out a scanner that is seriously outdated.
After the cleaning tirade I showered and went to the salon where I had nasty little hairs ripped off of my face with hot wax and then had my hair cut. A few minutes after I got home from there we left for dinner with Chris’ parents. We went to the Ivanhoe for early bird specials. Chris, his mom and Dick all had lazy man’s lobster. I opted for a shrimp dish over linguine that had fresh diced tomato and some previously frozen spinach on top. Not too bad on flavor. After dinner we headed over to Bob & Tammy’s house to visit for the evening. We had a nice warm fire in the basement and our nephew Jamie and his friend Nico serenaded us with cover tunes and original works on acoustic guitar.
On Sunday morning we went out to Whole Foods and then Stop & Shop to gather the groceries for the week. We had just enough time for a quick snack and then we were off to Aunt Susie’s for my cousin Amanda’s 16th birthday party. Sue made two huge lasagnas, one Italian and one Mexican, tossed salad, garlic bread, and a homemade carrot cake for dessert with cream cheese frosting decorated like an underwater scene complete with clown fish, giant squid, and coral.
On the way home from Sue’s we stopped at Michael’s craft store to pick up some supplies for my cake class tonight. Since the store accepts their own coupons as well as AC Moore ones (thanks Shaun for the tip), I had Chris go through one line with one 40% off, and I went through another with another. The suck thing was that they had no ready-to-use gum paste (for you, Alex) so I had to purchase a powdered mix and make it myself. Because this is very stiff, like modeling clay- just sweet, it was not enjoyable to make. It requires a ton of kneading and is not easy on the elbows. The things we go through to make a cake look pretty….
Chris helped me make a chicken pot pie for dinner. We tossed in some onions, garlic, celery, potato, yam, butternut squash, baby purple turnip, carrots, green beans and sweet peas. It was terribly yummy and I ate so much that I felt like balls. After dinner I proceeded to fall asleep on the couch while Chris watched “Talladega Nights”. This morning I got my ass out of bed and back into the gym. I had been out for two weeks while I recovered completely from my last cold. I’m not sore yet (although I will be by bedtime tonight) but I am sluggish as I taxed my muscles pretty well. I feel better than I have in weeks! Working out makes such a difference in my mood, my outlook, my energy levels, and my ass size.
I have back-to-back conference calls this afternoon until go-home time. We’re having sloppy joes and tossed salad for dinner tonight (quick and easy) before I leave for cake decorating class. More fun with fondant on the horizon.
This morning


  1. Sloppy sloppy joe!

  2. yay i got a link to gum paste, and it even has a picture of ‘Gum paste ribbons over a Fondant covered cake’!

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