Mother’s Day Tea

Keeping with tradition, today is the day that the women in my family celebrate Mother’s Day.  Three generations gather at Gram’s house for a tea party.  We dress up (although we don’t wear the white goves usually), and everyone brings food.  We have luncheon, followed by tea.  Tea usually consists of each person picking their own tea pot out of Gram’s collection (this year there are 15 people coming- that’s a lot of teapots!), and a cup and saucer, and a dessert plate, and loading it up with sweets.  Some of the standard fare includes:

  • finger sandwiches with the crusts cut off, made of goat cheese and water cress, and cream cheese and dates
  • chicken salad in finger rolls
  • pasta salad
  • orzo salad
  • bow tie pasta with pea sauce
  • bean salad, with corn and tomatoes

And some of the sweets include:

  • sugar cookies, both lemon and chocolate
  • blueberry struesel tea cakes with almonds
  • corn muffins
  • a couple of kinds of scones
  • biscotti
  • lemon tart
  • fresh strawberries
  • assorted bakery goods

Can you tell that we’re a very food-oriented family?  Part of the fun, besides getting together with friends and family, and eating fantastic foods, is the presentation.  Gram has a huge collection of chrome serving pieces.  So we find creative ways to use all kinds of serving ware to present our feast.
This year I vow to be more attentive to picture taking.  Usually I get gabbing, and totally forget to take pics until everyone is already eating.  By then the presentation is lost (for purposes of pics anyway).

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