New pics

Here are the ones that I took at Mother’s Day tea at my Gram’s.  And here are the ones from Kyra’s 3rd bday party.  And here are Rie and I playing at being grown-ups in the kitchen.
Lots to say, but no brain to format with at the moment.  Need to run out to the grocery store, then cook dinner.


  1. It’s a Girl! 😉

  2. Emelia certainly can have some attitude when she wants. You should see all the looks she gives out for (what appears to me) no reason.

  3. Nice Pics Jessie 🙂 I got to share pics of Missy to one of my students – who has two goldens – so got to show off my Missy Girl…
    I know where those Emelia looks came from…I’ve seen them before….
    So How did that castle cake come out after I got done with it?
    I hope this comment shows, now having trouble with comments on your site – I’ve posted before today and they didn’t show??? I have no idea what’s wrong with me?? Okay, no comments from anyone on that statement….It was fun decorating though!!!!

  4. Yeah, the cake is here at the bottom of the page.

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