Oh what a windy day

Coming up the Pike this morning to Waltham was a very windy ride.  I expect that it will only be worse on the way home.  Wind-chills are expected to take us below zero tonight. 
On a different note, I got my ass back to the gym today for the first time since Christmas.  I was sick for that many weeks.  Tomorrow is Group Power and I can’t wait (group weight lifting class at 5:00a.m. to pop remixes, totally fun- or at least I tell myself it is). 
Chris stayed home sick again today.  It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just a cold (which makes you miserable enough) but he has a hurtin’ back as well.  He’s at the doctor’s as I type this post to see how he should treat his injury.  The bad part is he didn’t even do anything that he’s aware of to cause this pain.  Myself, I believe that it was triggered by his massage on Saturday as the pain is completely muscular.  He didn’t lift anything even remotely heavy or perform any strenuous activity prior to the onset.  His back has a mind of its own anyway. 
I spent two hours on homework last night.  Seriously.  I had to torte my cakes, then make the double-batch of stiff icing.  Ice the cake with stiff stuff, color a certain amount of stiff icing pink for practicing roses and put it in a container.  Next I had to make medium consistency icing, some plain white, and four containers of different colors.  Then on to thin icing mixed with piping gel.  Then I had to figure out how to pack everything that I need to bring to class tonight which includes: my kit (which is like a toolbox), seven containers of icing, a cake, a bag for soiled utensils, an apron, and my book and associated paperwork.  What a project, and I have to do this for two more weeks?!… 

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