Proud new mama

I am the proud new mama of a Bosch Integra 300-series dishwasher in stainless steel.825225837039.jpg
And, yes, before you ask, Chris is the father.
Now all we need is a kitchen sink to plumb it in to… and the counter top to sink that in to… and the cabinets to rest that on…. Every time it seems like we’re closer, we’re still so far away.


  1. Are you going to hook it up to your bath tub? 🙂

  2. i’m gonna hook you up to my bathtub. then i’ll have a dishwasher while i wait to have the dishwasher installed 😉

  3. AHHHHH so cute she or he is. Whats the name that was given? Bosch or Integra?The weight? Length? Come on, details girl, its all about details. I hope my new home has a little one that cute. But do I dare dream????
    Uncle D. 😉

  4. Well while you’ve been laboring to bring your beautiful appliance into the world, I’ve been giving birth to a whole pagan website/online list. Oh, and chapter five should be coming your way by next weekend. 😛 It’s amazing what you can get done when your unemployed.

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