Raisin-cinnamon goodness where have you been all my life?

I made a loaf of bread the other night that I simply adore. It’s 100% whole wheat and not tough as nails. It’s got two different types of raisins in it (one large and one small type) which makes for good variety of flavor and texture, and it’s got some chopped walnuts.
There is a cinnamon-sugar swirl in the middle even though you can’t see it. I can certainly taste it. Then the top was brushed as lightly as was possible with less than one tablespoon of melted butter and then scattered with more cinnamon & sugar mixture.
The loaf is whole wheat, organic, low fat, and delicious! I have got to say that I am very happy with this book and the recipes and instructions within.


  1. How about sharin’ the love? Can you send me a copy of the recipe? I’d like to try that one.

  2. dude!! you’ve GOT to resize your huge-ass images before posting!
    and yeah, send me the recipe too, please! w00t!

  3. yeah, I’ll scan the book pages in today & email them to y’all.
    and I’ve been re-sizing my images the same way that you taught me since I started this thing, punk. you’d better show me again.

  4. sarah, i totally disagree, i love being able to zoom in on it and really get that ‘in your face’ texture. you can pan around in it, and it’s like you’re swimming in a loaf of bread. mmm.
    jessie. brewing a pilsener tomorrow, will have 22lbs of spent grain for spent grain bread nummyness.

  5. As much as I don’t like to use non-open source try using Windows Live Writer. I use it because I’m too lazy to resize images before posting. It’ll do it for you. It’s a bit of a pig for a basic post editor though.

  6. i totally am in need of grains. i have absolutely no grain bread left at all which is why i ventured into something new with the raisin bread. i will eagerly await your call….

  7. I can smell the yummyness from here 🙂 Cinnamon…my fav!!! I’ll take the recipe when I have a kitchen of my own….so in the meantime I’ll have to stop in for tea and some of your delicious creation!!! Feeling better??? XOXO

  8. heck yes. any time you like!

  9. Don’t forget me!!!!! I’m hungry an homeless toooooooo.

  10. oh, all right. you can come too.

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