Pam’s bday party

So I couldn’t post anything about what we were doing this weekend because it was a surprise. Pam had a birthday on Friday and so Gabriella planned a surprise birthday picnic at Robinson State Park with some close friends. We all brought food, and there were balloons, and flowers, and cake. Everyone had a good time.


Afterwards we all migrated to Sarita’s house and continued to celebrate (where there were bathroom facilities available). We drank and talked and ordered Chinese food. I got to try Ger and Alex’s beers (both very good). We had a very relaxing and enjoyable day spent with friends and family. Can’t beat that.

Today I broke my streak of self-deprivation. You see, I was intentionally keeping the oven in the living room and cooking only on the grill because it’s not very enjoyable to me. I figured that this would give me the necessary drive to complete the kitchen renovation in a timely manner. Well, we had to bring the oven back in last week due to the grill running out of gas and we never brought it back out. Hence I woke up this morning and took one look at those blackening bananas in my dining room and all self-restraint was gone. I whipped up four dozen Rocky cookies and a peanut butter, chocolate chip banana bread. I couldn’t help myself. I just couldn’t throw away those beautiful bananas that were so perfect for baking with. I should be ok to go for another few weeks now (I hope) without baking.



  1. Auntie Rie says:

    yummmmm rocky cookies, i’m drooling as i type this….i have not made them in sooo long…..I love my new book, only read a few pages, but love it so far and it’ll help me during our major changes here, baby steps for all changes is best. And can I come to the party too????

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