Singing inside my head right now

“Ooh, I’m on vacation… and I love it.”
Although I’m not sure how much this week will feel like a vacation.  The primary marketing has been done.  We have the turkey and the trimmings.  Most of the make-ahead cooking and baking can’t be done until Wednesday.  Although that hasn’t stopped me from baking chocolate cookies this morning that are rolled like little snowballs in powdered sugar, and that crack open just perfectly at the top to let steam escape in the oven.
We have several house projects that require our attention this week.  And some of them have been put off because they require daylight (so that we can turn off the electricity and still be able to see).  There is also plenty of laundry to be done, bathrooms to be cleaned, floors to be swept, yard work to be completed (to finish prepping for winter which has so rudely invited itself).  We will not be lacking for things that need doing this week, even though we have no get-away destination in mind.   I must say though that if someone handed me tickets to the Carribbean right now, I’d be there in a heartbeat and damn the projects, and damn the cold.

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