So I’m not a brain surgeon

Last night’s dinner was simple: ham and cheese grinders with lettuce and tomato. Can’t screw that up, right? Wrong. So I gather the hoagie rolls, the ham and the cheeses, the miracle whip and the mustards, wash the lettuce and tomato and set them to dry. First order of business: slice the tomato. This is where it all goes wrong. I get to that last slice, the one where anyone who is any good in a kitchen just leaves it thick, but not me. I have to make that last slice so that all of the pieces are uniform. I do so love my wonderful new and very sharp knives from Sarah and Ger. So I take the slice, and remove a large chunk of skin from the tip area of my thumb. I do believe that it was large enough that I should have gone and had it sown back on, except that we never did find the flesh.
Chris was upstairs on his computer. I calmly asked that he please come downstairs. Waited about 10 seconds and heard nothing, and was starting to bleed, so I sternly said “NOW”. He came down, took one look at me, and headed for the kitchen cabinet where the 1st aid kit is kept. He broke out a band-aid. I bled through that in, literally, 3 seconds. He tried another and quickly learned that it was not going to cut it. By then I had a paper towel wrapped around my thumb and had seen enough blood to be feeling woozy and nauseous. I had to lie down, and fast. He wrapped me up with some gauze and medical tape, several layers thick. I lay down on the sofa with my arm straight up in the air for quite a while.
I must say, I got a free dinner out of the ordeal. He makes a damn good grinder too. Much better than I would have.
At bed time he had to re-wrap me. I had bled through the layers of gauze by then. I woke up this morning nice and clean though. Good job! I had a bitch of a time in the shower though. Didn’t even bother to wash my hair. I have a salon appointment tomorrow and they do that anyway, so I wasn’t at all worried. So I’ve been a bit sore all day, and inconvenienced at times, but I still have my thumb. Can’t really complain too much, especially because I did cause the injury myself.
So on another note I had put in an order for baking supplies last weekend. I came home yesterday to a UPS sticker on my front door that said that they tried to deliver but someone must be home to sign for the package in person. The tag indicated that they would try to deliver again today between 2 and 5:00. I made plans to leave work at noon to come home and work for the remainder of the day so that I’d be here to accept the package. Low and behold, I get here at 12:25 and the box is sitting on my back porch, delivered without signature and before the scheduled time. Now if I had taken time off from work based on that original delivery tag, I’d have been pissed!
It was seriously like Christmas morning opening that box. I had ordered cake drums in various sizes, shamrock shaped sprinkles, various candies in shapes and colors to decorate cakes or cupcakes, cake/pie fillings in apple, lemon and raspberry, and several types of cake candles. I still have packing materials all over the kitchen because I opened them with the remainder of my lunch hour/travel time and had to get back to work. Thank goodness, this Monday night is the night that we make our grand finale cake for class. We will learn the basket weave, and then stick all of the flowers and bluebirds that we made in the last three weeks all over the cake. It’s a very cute and springy cake.
This morning I went in the dining room and turned on the light, as I have become accustomed to doing since winter settled in and we covered our windows in thick plastic, for the boys (aka. our fish) so that they can see what they’re eating for breakfast. Well I decided that since we’ve now had our first day of spring, and the snow is melting (hopefully for the last time) that it was time to remove the plastic from the windows. It was actually quite liberating to tear down that contractor-grade covering. It let in tons of light, then I opened the blinds. The boys must have been in glory. I know I was. I just have one more window to do, and that will be done either tonight or tomorrow morning.
Well, we have made it to Friday. Chris just got home. Time to grab a glass of wine, and a beer for him, and begin life without work for 48+ hours. Enjoy yours!


  1. the key with ups is to call and ask for ‘same day pickup’. they’ll tell you that the local ups office will call you within the hour. they do, and tell you that their hours are from 1930 to 2030. pick up is at the ups off riverdale rd, near where perlmnky‘s old house used to be. [and countless other rcn peeps.]
    sorry to hear about your thumb. thats the beauty of sharp knives tho, they don’t hurt!

  2. Hope your finger heals quickly. I sliced off the tip of one of my fingers using a very sharp, new vegetable slicer that my cousin gave me. It took weeks for the finger to stop hurting and to heal. When I get a new blade I think I’ll start off by scraping it across the driveway for a few minutes to dull it down a bit.

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