To shop or not to shop….

So I had purchased some articles of clothing about a week ago and, of course, they looked totally different when I got them on at home than they had in the store, and the change was for the worse.  I must have been momentarily out of my mind when I had thought that they looked good (may be my blood sugar dipped or something).  None the less, I had a return to make.  So I went out on my lunch break today to bring back the skirt and dress, and to poke around the store for a few more things.  When I was finished I threw my newly acquired goods into the back of my truck and headed back to the city to finish my day at the office.
While en route I was stuck in traffic on a side street, as is normal in the city.  Some security guards for a local parking garage were standing around watching the goings-on of the city street when one of them addressed me.  He very nicely informed me that my back tire was flat.  So flat, in fact, that if he were me he would pull over immediately and drive no further on it.  I, being the chick that I am (and not him),  turned at the light and headed back in the direction from which I had just come, which also happens to be where my favorite garage is.  Since my husband happens to work there I phoned him to say that I was on my way.
I went in and was greeted like an old friend, which is always nice.  I explained my predicament, handed over my keys, and hiked back to employee parking where I was able to secure a sweet ride that includes a CD player (as my truck does not), Chris’ car.  Since it was on my way I stopped in at Bucks and got myself an iced coffee (since I had now missed my window for lunch entirely between shopping and dropping off the truck).  When I got back to the office Chris called to say that the damage was minimal and was caused by a screw so instead of having to replace both rear tires, they could just repair that one (which is awesome since those tires are only a couple of months old).
After a wacky day I still have a smile on my face.  Must be close to a full moon….

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  1. Life is always challenging and keeps us on our toes…that way we don’t get bored…or into too much trouble. Still smiling 🙂 Good Girl!!! Life is too short for negative energy!! I had opposite shopping experience – tried on a sun-dress Sarah picked out for me on Monday and Love It! and so did Dave when he saw it on me yesterday:-) So now I must go back and p/u a black one too!! It’s comfy and nice and cool for these hot days… Great Customer Service where your hubby works.

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