Still sick….

I actually went to the office yesterday even though I can’t hear well out of either ear, and I drown in fluids from my nose if I don’t blow every 10 minutes or so. By about 10:30 I wished that I had stayed home. I trooped through the day though, came home and took some ibuprofen and then went out to cake class.
I fully intend to write some feedback to the class coordinator about the Wilton cake decorating classes. Basically, the information given is that the four classes cost $12.50 (total) plus supplies which could run $25-$50. When you get about an hour into class you are told that you’ll be expected to bake a cake for each week 2, 3 & 4 classes and make icing for each. You will have to bring the cake in on a cake board and carry it in some kind of container. The icing needs to be made in three consistencies which need to be brought in three separate containers and if you are decorating a cake that uses colored icing (which, who wouldn’t?) then you have to create the colors in the proper consistency before arriving to class.
In addition to that, this is the level 1 class. The tool kit that you are asked to buy costs $20. If you take the level 2 class then that kit is $25 as is the one for level 3. Honestly, if you plan to take all three classes then the best buy is the $130 kit that includes every piece available, and you can get 40% off of with one of their weekly advertisement coupons. This way you’ll have all of the required tools for the class as well as everything recommended to make life easier. Don’t get me wrong, I really want to learn how to decorate cakes and do it well. I was just taken by surprise by all of the requirements for the class that were not published in advance.
So today I worked from home. I didn’t have any less conference calls than I would have had in the office, but at least I could not shower and nobody had to smell me. And after I ate my lunch I was able to lay down and snooze for a few minutes before my next call. My whole body aches, I have gross yellow stuff coming out of my sinuses, I’m still burning a fever, I can’t sleep for more than 30-45 minutes before I wake up hacking or choking, and my throat is really red & irritated and swollen. Water, vitamin C, multi vits, ibuprofen…. All of my work peeps can’t believe it’s me when I sign on to calls, my normally bubbly, friendly voice is now a baritone.
Enough complaining for one day. Life could be much, much worse than having a cold.


  1. Feel better soon Jess, it sucks to be sick,, at any time.

  2. Going to Waltham tomorrow? Hahah just kidding. I am, hurray!

  3. Hope you get better soon. Seeing Sue sick and reading about your sickness has given me a new appreciation for washing my hands and avoiding people that cough like they have the plague.

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