Gone fishin’

Aah, vacation….  We kicked off our week of relaxation with Chris’ annual birthday bash.  About 30 close friends and family members gathered in our back yard to eat charred food and wait out the rain storms which are an uninvited guest, but inevitably always show up.
Monday was a day filled with really strong thunder storms.  We stayed home all day and worked on cleaning up the wreckage of dishes from the party, watched tv, played on our computers, etc.  We never even started one of our vehicles all day.  It felt pretty nice.
Tuesday we packed up the truck and headed on out to Rhode Island for the day.  I brought sun screen and a book, and Chris had all of his fishing gear and we spent the day out on the jetty.   We saw a couple of guys catch two gruper and a fluke, and one other guy caught a bass that had to be thrown back, and that’s it for the eight hours that we were out there.  There were bites, and lots of them (as noted by Chris swearing that his bait was gone- yet again, but he had no fish to show for it).  We finally called it quits at 6:30 and went across the street for ice cream.  Chris was so miserable that he ordered a banana boat and ate almost the entire thing.  Coming home was less than fun.  What is normally an hour and a half drive of clear and easy highway was actually a two hour nightmare because route 2W was under some serious construction that brought the highway down to one lane for several miles, right at a merge with another route.  Ick.
Today we head up to the Mohawk Trail.  We’ve both been there before, but never by ourselves where we get to pick where to stop and what to see.  We’ve got a few guides as to which routes to follow, and marked out sights to see.  Should be fun.


  1. Our first B’Day party for Chris since we are MassHole’s now….as Jessie puts it!! Great food and you really did an awesome job on all the desserts you created and decorated in the golf theme!!! You think of everything and everyone…. Nice way to start a vacation by relaxing and no cars being started up – nice indoor sports 🙂 on a rainy vacation day!!

  2. yeah, I didn’t post about all that we did as I didn’t want to offend….

  3. yay vacation! happy vacations to youse guyse.

  4. Sounds like you had a fine time. I can’t wait to take a vacation myself. We are planning our first real vacation in four years (I don’t count 1 and 2 day trips and our honeymoon as vacations). It’ll also be Emelia’s first vacation. Yeah!

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