The weekend is here!

This has been a good week for me.  Work has sucked, as it seems to do more and more with each passing week, but that’s life.  Beginning Monday morning I got my sorry ass out of bed at 4:26a.m. and went to the gym.  I did this every day of the week.  Granted, I couldn’t walk standing fully upright until Friday ’cause my muscles were so sore from 4 weeks of slacking, but it felt damn good.
On Saturday I had a migraine which kept me both inside of the house and on the sofa until the sun went down.  I passed many hours watching food network.  There is a chick who has a show, and she is a nutritionist so she cooks healthful and satisfying meals.  Well, on the particular show that I was watching she was making up snacks in a large bowl and then portioning them into snack size baggies for the week.  This way a) they were ready to go whenever she was, and b) were just the right size so there’s no room for over-eating.  I did this with my snacks for the week on Sunday.  I bagged up baby carrots, fresh broccoli, and Rocky cookies.  This made it very easy to pack my lunch all week, and there was no overfilling the baggie at any particular time because I was hungry while packing my lunch (as I often tend to do).  Also, when I packed my lunches during the week I took small portions (so that I wasn’t in a coma after eating at work) of healthy foods (like succotash, or 1/4 chicken breast with sauce and some veggies, or a spinach salad).  This left me feeling energized after lunch instead of sleepy and grouchy.
I hate that I have to be completely anal about food (and a little psychotic), but if I’m not then I overeat, make poor meal choices, and end up feeling like crap.  As long as I’m a little nuts, I feel good, look better, and have a more positive outlook on life in general.
So today is laundry and house cleaning day.  I have a kitchen floor to mop and two bathrooms to scrub.  I’d also like to get my grocery shopping out of the way since Dad, Becca, Sarah and Ger will be here tomorrow afternoon.  I also want to get the patio table and chairs moved out to the back yard since winter has mostly moved on, and I’ll gain some space on my front porch.  And A.C. Moore has a 50% off coupon good for today only so I should get there and buy my large cake leveler (normally a $30.00 purchase).
I’m officially signed up for Wilton cake decorating part 3 where we learn about cake architecture and some more flowers (easter lilies and morning glories).  This will give me the knowledge that I need to do HT’s wedding cake.  Once I finish the class I’m going to order a wedding cake book too so that I have lots of ideas to build off of.  I can’t wait.  The other classes were more fluff stuff about how to makes cakes pretty.  If you don’t know how to stack them, pretty is useless.
Time to get a move on.


  1. I tried making up bags of snacks and food before and it worked out well, but I’m too lazy to keep it up. Let me rephrase that. We’re busy trying to to too many things that any chance to be lazy I take it.

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