Wrinkly old balls

So yesterday’s adventure was a trip to the Mohawk Trail.  We hit I91 north and followed it up to Greenfield where we picked up route 2W.  We drove through all manner of small towns including Shelbourne, Charlemont, Savoy, Florida, North Adams, and Williamstown.  Williamstown was especially beautiful.  It was founded in 1793 (I believe) and was home to several old buildings, including many stone churches.  There were beautiful greens and gorgeous houses.  I could have easily walked around there for hours….
While driving through Charlemont we saw that there were some pull-over areas by the river and decided to stop.  We hiked down a hill to the rock-studded water to take in the beauty and low-and-behold there were some other folks down there too.  It only took us about a minute to realize that the two men that we saw (who did not appear to be there together) were completely in the nude, one of them eating some chips while sitting on a rock in the sun.   Toasted nuts anyone?
And now back to our story.  Once at Williamstown if we continued on 2W we would have begun the Taconic trail and ended up in NY so we decided to switch to route 7 and head south.  Here were lots more hill towns and we drove until we hit Pittsfield.  There we picked up route 20 and followed that all the way back to West Springfield.  In total we were out and about for 5 and a half hours.  To hell with the price of gas, we had a beautiful ride.
We stopped at a large family farm somewhere in the Pitts and picked up a quart of fresh strawberries.  Round our hood strawberry season is done, has been for a couple of weeks.  Because the Berkshires are about 10 degrees colder than here and have different weather patterns, they still have a few days left of picking.  I ate a couple of handfuls of the berries when we got home, and then made a shortcake (which sucked real bad because it wasn’t my Mom’s recipe and that’s what I wanted) for dessert in the evening.  We had some fresh cream left from Chris’ bday party that I whipped up and slathered over the piles of berries.  Damn tasty if I do say so myself.  I’ll be getting Mom’s shortcake recipe the very next time I see her (if not sooner) and I’ll be sure to get it in this year’s cookbook so that I don’t ever lose it.
Today’s plan is to go to the zoo.  We’re going to a local zoo that we’ve never visited before, but have heard wonderful things about.  And now it’s time to get showered and get out the door to begin our day.


  1. My coworker’s wife works in Williamstown. I’ve heard that it is an expensive place to live. I guess that would explain why they live in VT and travel to NY and MA to work.

    Once at Williamstown if we continued on 2W we would have begun the Taconic trail and ended up in NY so we decided to switch to route 7 and head south.

    What a damn shame that would have been; being a mere 35 minutes from our place. Hmph.

  2. yeah, it looked expensive. beautiful though!
    hey, you just let us know when you’ll be home and we’ll put a day trip to NY on the calendar. never a problem there 😉

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