So for dinner tonight I ripped a marinade recipe straight from Food and Wine. I loved it and Chris hated it. It was this sweet and tangy glaze for pork chops that were grilled, then tossed in chopped peanuts. So tasty! Then I cooked up a side of rice noodles and tossed them in some spicy peanut sauce. Add broccoli and we have dinner.
And in health news, I don’t think that I’ve ever loved and hated a web site so much in my life as this one. Thanks to Sarah for sharing. I was keeping a food diary in hopes that it would help me to get a handle on where my problem areas are, and to keep me honest about what goes into my body every day. This site allows you to enter everything that you eat and drink and it totals the fat, calories, carbs, protein, etc. and (as if that weren’t perfect enough) it has some canned reporting features. Additionally, you can track fitness activities here. And then, if you so wish you can set goals for yourself and it will report on whether or not you’re meeting them. I love it because it’s doing all that I need it to and then some, and I hate it because it makes me see how bad I’ve been doing. Give it a look-see if you’re feeling brave. It’s a great site and it’s free.


  1. i agree with chris. that sounds disgusting. why oh why do people have to mess up perfectly tasty food with friggin fruit and nuts! i’m planning on going back in time and torturing and killing the inventor of this ‘fusion’ rubbish someday to set the world right.

  2. only I had the nuts though. I knew better than to feed that to Chris. he just had the marinade on the pork 😉

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