A great start to the weekend

So let me go back a little bit in history, Christmas 2007.  I bought Chris and Bob each a ticket to the freestyle motocross event that was to take place at the MassMutual Center last night.  Back to the present, after Chris got out of work yesterday we mosied on over to Bob and Tammy’s house.  The boys left in search of dinner before their show.  Tammy, Katy and I stayed in for a girls night.
We cooked a nice, healthy dinner.  The boys ended up at Champions Sports Bar in downtown for pizza and hot dogs and beer.  While they got to the arena to find out that their 9th row seats were actually front row seats because of zoning changes for viewer safety, we got ready to paint our fingernails.  While their show was on, we watched The Water Horse.  It was a cute movie.
They got to see motocrossers and BMXers do flips and crazy stunts, and we got to catch up on our girl talk (which we used to do all the time, but lately have not been able to because we have crazy schedules).  Tammy even made coffee for us so that I didn’t pass out on the sofa when 8:30 rolled around (although I was really close, even with the liquid encouragement).
All in all, it was a great night.
Today we will travel out to Boston to putz around for the day, and then celebrate a friend’s birthday in the evening.  It should be a good time with lots of friends and even a little bit of family.  Happy weekend!

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