Did you say that the week is only half over?

I know, today is hump day. This week needs to end though. And I didn’t even have a full week at work. I had to take a sick day on Monday to finish recovering from the hellacious migraine that I had all day on Sunday. There was no way that I was going to be able to sit at my desk, under the fluorescents, and look at a computer screen all day. That added to the fact that I was mostly lethargic from all of the drugs that I had to pump my body full of to subside the pain. Not that I particularly have love for any migraine, but I truly hate that kind.
So the weekend is coming. Auntie Rie is traveling down from NY to spend the day with Gram on Friday. Saturday morning many of the ladies of my family will make their way to the annual craft fair on the green in West Springfield. At about noon we will meet at Gram’s for a nice tea: goat cheese and spinach sandwiches with the crusts cut off, chicken salad with dill, quiche, pasta salad, scones, berries, cookies, cakes, oh my! I know, we’re a little nuts, but it’s fun!
Sunday morning Sarah, Mom, Gram and I will travel out to Williamsburg to visit the General Store. We’ll putts and poke and buy some stuff, probably eat something terribly unhealthy but wonderfully yummy. We’ll eat some grilled food and various accroutrements for dinner (as we do almost every night in this wonderful weather). Then, alas, the weekend will be over again. I must say that I’m not loving this cycle. Such is life I guess.
In other news, I made a cake for Dick’s birthday on Tuesday. Chocolate cake, two layers, filled with cherry goop, frosted in cream cheese lusciousness. Looks pretty standard on the outside but the truth is in the tasting.

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