So if you know me then you know that it takes a lot to disgust me.  I’m pretty rank myself most of the time.  But this really gets me.  How can human beings, which are made up of the same stuff as you and I, act in such a manner?  Is it because the boss said to do it and the paycheck is that important?  I think not.  Deep down there’s something wrong.
What I find completely ironic is that there are all of these commercials on TV about how happy the California cows are.  Nothing has ever made me want to become vegan more than this footage, let me tell you.  And to read the article and understand the (supposed) reasoning behind their actions is just sad.
I’ll update with something a bit more bright and chipper later.  For now, feel sorry for those cows.


  1. I share your feelings Jess. This world has got to get it’s act together. I am, as you know in the middle of standing up for people who can not or will not stand up for themselves.Yes it is because of a pay check that keeps the immoral behavior going. I have seen an awful lot of this type of behavior in my life and it thoroughly piss’s me off. That is why I choose to stand up and to fight it the best I can. I feel that all it takes is one to stand and fight. Then others may do it as well. It’s a pipe dream I know but it’s a beginning. I only wish that the people who act this way towards animals or fellow man recieved the same treatment as punishment that they gave and then fined and or jailed. Nah,, just shoot em they don’t belong on my planet.

  2. I can’t even stand watching these kinds of videos. It turns my stomach in ways that nothing else can.
    A couple years ago I was flipping through the tv channels with nothing else better to do and happened up a locally made video of the chicken farms in NY. A group of young people (barely 20) broke into a couple of farms to show the conditions of the animals. It was disgusting. I wish I could remember the name of the group. It wasn’t PETA.

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