It’s almost my honey’s birthday

Tomorrow my wonderful husband turns 33.  Old man….  So we are having a cookout to celebrate.  I try to plan his parties with some general theme in mind for food.  This year is a wash.  My creativity went out in the dumpster with the rest of my kitchen.  I am truly hoping that it returns once the kitchen is back together.  I am fairly sure that it will.
We will have some burgers and doggers, bbq chicken thighs and kielbasa, baked beans, pasta salad (thank you Sarah), and watermelon.  Today I picked up typical party beverages: some beer, some flavored malt drinks, some wines, sodas, and water.  In the morning I’ll get them all on ice so that they’ll be chilled by the time everyone gets out of work and comes over to tap them.
I invited a few friends, our close neighbors (who, if you don’t already know are awesome), and some family.  The weekend promises to be very busy and I didn’t want to not have a party for honey so we opted for the right-after-work timeframe on a Friday night.  Not the best for everyone, but it will do.  The weather looks as if it’ll cooperate (for once).
I took the day off tomorrow so that I can clean this pit top to bottom.  Regardless of the fact that we put up contractor grade plastic sheets over doorways and whatnot when we sanded in the kitchen, we have drywall dust on every inch of our 1st floor, and even some on the 2nd and in the basement.  I also need to give the bathrooms a good scrubbing as the shower stall on the 1st floor is getting coffee-stained from me rinsing out the Barista parts every morning, and the bathtub upstairs is where we’ve been doing dishes, so it can use a good bleaching also.  Wish me luck….

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