Spicy Thai Peanut Shrimp with Green Beans

Not everything in my kitchen is made from scratch.  If it was, I could probably have a new post for every day of the week.  But it’s not, so I don’t.  In fact, Neil and I can be found munching a take-out pizza about once a month.  We’ve had our share of turkey sandwiches, burgers, dogs, boxed mac-and-cheese, etc.  With that in mind, this is a meal that I threw together in less than 10 minutes- yes you heard me right.  And it was great!  Spicy, vinegary peanut shrimp over smooth rice noodles with sweet, steamed fresh green beans.

shrimp in spicy peanut sauce over rice noodles, with steamed green beans

What I did:

  • Boiled some water and tossed in the packaged noodles to cook for 6 minutes
  • While that was going I heated a bit of oil in a fry pan with some red pepper flakes and added the frozen shrimp, then covered so that the shrimp would heat up quickly
  • The green beans went into a steam pan for about 7 minutes to get their cook on
  • When the shrimp were fully heated, I removed their tails then threw them back into the pan and poured in a bottle of peanut sauce just to get warm
  • Drained the noodles
  • Chopped a bit of fresh cilantro
  • Plated dinner, shrimp and sauce over noodles, sided by beans, topped with cilantro


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